Apprenticeships and Skills Priority Occupations List

From the ASTMA President Mark Unwin

I wanted to give you a quick update on a recent announcement by Jobs and Skills Australia, following the recent Federal Budget announcements earlier this week, as there are impacts Apprenticeships for Sports Turf Management.

Announced as part of the Budget, were updates to the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List, where Turf Management has been removed from the Priority Occupations List.  This decision was made due to Jobs and Skills Australia deeming that Turf Management was not experiencing a critical shortage in apprentices in the short-term (12 months)

This decision was made against the recommendation made by the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association to the Industry Reference Groups – who also recommended to Jobs and Skills to retain Sports Turf Management (ANZSCO code 3623) on the priority list, and to Jobs and Skills Australia directly.  However, the decision made did not follow industry recommendations.

Following this announcement, the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association has provided a submission to Jobs and Skills Australia to reverse/amend this decision as it relates to Turf Management Apprenticeships and the Priority Skills List

I have also attached a pro-forma template, should individual members/clubs wish to make a submission to Jobs and Skills, supporting the submission to re-instate Turf Management to the Priority Skills List.  The submission template can be amended to reflect your Club details for members, and submissions can be made here:

More information on the changes to Apprenticeships resulting from this announcement are available here:

Click here to view the Pro-Forma Submission to Jobs and Skills Australia Consultation Process.