Hosted by Nudgee Golf Club on March 19th, the Greenkeeper Mechanical Day brought together 56 attendees, including 17 apprentices from TAFE QLD. This co-event, organized in collaboration with the Sports Turf Association of Queensland, aimed to provide comprehensive education on the operation and maintenance of cylinder and rotary mowers, with a particular focus on the intricacies of reel, bed knife, and blade care.

Attendees, comprising not only mechanics but all golf course maintenance staff, delved into the agronomic advantages of sharp cylinders and bed knives. They gained insights into the operational nuances and objectives of cylinder and bed knife grinding, with practical demonstrations utilizing Bernhard Grinders. Essential topics included routine maintenance procedures such as backlapping, reel to bed knife setup, and proper height of cut adjustments.

In the subsequent session, participants learned about rotary mower blade sharpening techniques, the importance of blade balancing, and the upkeep of spindles and grease points. This comprehensive approach ensured that attendees left equipped with a thorough understanding of mower mechanics and maintenance practices essential for maintaining pristine turf conditions on golf courses.

The event not only served as a valuable learning opportunity but also fostered professional development and networking among industry peers.