Global Turf is one of Australia’s leading turf construction, maintenance and renovation organisations bringing a fresh, authentic and innovative approach to the industry whilst providing clients tailored solutions and not a one size fits all approach.

With key expertise in golf courses, sports fields and racecourses not only Australia wide but internationally, our work ranges from local to large scale national and international projects.

We understand that each project has unique and specific turf requirements, which is why we collaborate with our clients to come up with the best outcome for the project.  We are versatile team with ability to adapt to our clients’ needs, working collaboratively, and offering a personal touch to every project we deliver. Global Turf has a strong leadership team with over 50 years of combined turf project experience, growing year on year with departments in VIC & NSW plus recently expanding into Queensland.

With our extensive construction, renovation, and maintenance experience, we believe Global Turf will be able to add value to your project. Partnering to deliver safely and successfully new, long life, low maintenance, golf solution.


Capillary Concrete

Global Turf is the exclusive supplier of Capillary Concrete in Australia.

Capillary Concrete

By only using the best products our work in bunkers on golf courses ensures that it is strong enough to last many years.

Key features:

  • Made with Light Weight Aggregates and a range of polymers that create a very strong bonding
  • Undergoes numerous tests such as extreme temperature variations, x-ray analysis and microscopic analysis of each bond
  • Strength increases over time
  • Superior moisture control
  • Decreases maintenance and costs
  • 10-year limited warranty

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Performance – Your bunker performs optimally maintaining strength and structure year-round, with no need for ongoing maintenance.

Value – With the strength of Capillary Concrete it provides the best return on investment for your golf course, delivering long lasting playing conditions.

Improved Playing Conditions – Play in all-weather types for all skill levels. Ease to get out of bunkers while playing a round of golf.


Global Turf uses state of the art survey equipment for all construction. Global Positioning Equipment and Total Station Equipment is used to ensure the projects are constructed to plan. Our cutting edge equipment ensures we deliver projects to our Quality Assurance System, as well as meeting and exceeding client requirements.

Earthworks and final Shaping

At Global Turf final, shaping is an integral step where turf designs of your golf course, sports field or racecourse are brought to life. Our talented operators are some of the best in the industry and work closely with designers to ensure execution of designs are accurate and bring years of experience in working and moulding terrain.

Turf Renovation & Maintenance

Global Turf works with you to establish a renovation or maintenance schedule to optimally grow or enhance your turf, tailored to your golf course. Our turf specialists work with the best machinery and products for each phase of grow in and maintenance. We not only maintain your turf but implement quality controls to ensure your turf is always looking and performing optimally.

Drainage & Irrigation

Every turf specialist knows that drainage is the most critical factor of any turf site during construction or renovation. At Global Turf we ensure that each project has a range of drainage & irrigation solutions implemented and tailored to your site designed by locals to suit Australia conditions.