Get on top of Couch Mite this season with an IN-DEPTH DEFENCE program; combining a knockdown blow with a longevity specialist.

Turf grass mites have very short life cycles – around 10-14 days.

This fast breeding power means explosive damaging populations with constantly overlapping life cycles.

There are a number of Couch Mite attributes which compound the effects of high population pressure on your turf, such as:

  • They are physically difficult to get to, as they live in tight spaces between leaf sheaths.
  • During feeding they inject toxins which cripple turf recovery and vigour.
  • Physical stunting damage (witches broom) is irreversible.
  • Short life cycles and high populations increases the risk of resistance development.

Don’t let mites rule your turf this spring and summer. A proven and reliable strategy will ensure effective control of damaging stages of the life cycles, ensuring healthy turf growth or prompt recovery from damage.

Syngenta offers a complete mite control solution with our IN-DEPTH DEFENCE program, comprised of:

AGADOR Miticide delivering the population a knockdown punch
HIGRAN Insecticide delivering residual protection to break the mite life cycle.

For any mite program, begin scouting around the time that history of damage has appeared previously. For best results ensure an early applications before damage becomes extensive. The timing, spacing and sequence of applications outlined below have proven results in the toughest situations, and is supported by Syngenta research studies in Australia.

When AGADOR and HIGRAN are used as a program approach, they:

  • Ensure immediate population reduction and cessation of damage
  • Break the population life cycle by covering multiple stages of the life cycle
  • Ensure good resistance management strategies with multiple modes of action
  • Provide spray application windows that cover multiple life cycles

For optimal results:

  • Include a non-ionic surfactant to improve penetration of product in hard to reach areas, like between the leaf sheath, which results in improved mite kill
  • Ensure turf has adequate water and nutrients to recover and grow
  • For best results use Syngenta XC025 or XC04 air induction nozzles, which give more complete front and back coverage of leaf surfaces while providing a suitable droplet size for high levels of even coverage with low drift. These nozzles are the next generation of the nozzles as stated on the label; air induct and nozzle size.
  • Physically remove any damaged turf material, when damage is evident, to allow recovery

Formulation quality matters for best control

Delivering constant and reliable results is not completely reliant on just the active ingredient, but the whole formulation. Both AGADOR and HIGRAN are highly refined Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulations, developed to the highest quality and which deliver the highest level of mite control possible.

  • Consistent quality in every bottle
  • Precise combination of formulation ingredients and active ingredient to ensure highest level of control
  • No settling, separation of the formulation
  • Low odour formulation
  • Non-abrasive to spray equipment
  • Will not block spray equipment
  • Easy to handle

Don’t let mites take hold in your turf this spring! Get onto them early with Syngenta’s IN-DEPTH DEFENCE program.

For more information head to or contact your local Syngenta territory sales manager for programming or information support.