This year’s Australian Legends PGA Tour Championship was won by Mile Harwood who shot a Black Course record on the final day (round 3) of 65. Mike is a past winner of the event in 2010 and has only missed playing it once over the events 12 year duration, which happens to be the longest run event on the Legends Tour over consecutive years. Mike has been a great supporter of the event and promised to be back for many years.

Once again, the condition of the golf course was elevated to a tournament standard made possible by the tournament green staff team of 24 each morning. This is made up of 6 full time staff, ex employees, neighbouring golf and bowling club greenkeepers, turf maintenance contractors who are members and some trained skilled members that make up the extra 17 personnel. For the record, the 6 full time green staff collectively notched up over 460 hours over the 7 days from Monday to Sunday. Now that is dedication!

Once again, we ran a full-blown tournament schedule which saw the team starting at 4am allowing us to rake all bunkers, blow all fairways and green surrounds, mow/mulch leaf debris behind blowers with rough mowers and outer surrounds mowers, mow all fairways, mow tees, mow approaches and aprons, backpack blow greens, collars, tees and surrounds. It was an amazing effort from all involved! Big thanks to our sponsors SCHWEPPES/ASAHI and TORO for the loan of equipment along with Ballina GC, Teven GC and Wollongbar TAFE for their equipment inputs. The level that we achieved is not possible without all of these inputs, both labour and equipment.

It is such a rewarding feeling seeing the passion and dedication from this tournament team that basically has been together for the 12 years we have hosted the event. They genuinely look forward to participating in this event each year, to present the course that have being involved with in some capacity over the years to the highest possible level. We are blown away by the morale that this unique bunch of people bring to the operation to make the event such a success. WELL DONE TROOPS! Looking forward to doing it all again next year with each and every one of you LEGENDS!

Thank you to Air Swing Media for the awesome photography.