The following industry statement from the Australian Sports turf Managers Association sets out a maintenance program for Sports Turf Managers and Golf Clubs, which outlines the essential turf management requirements for golf courses in Australia.

The continuation of essential maintenance in the golf course management industry protects workers, jobs and secures facilities for the physical and mental wellbeing of millions of golfers who will resume play following the easement of restrictions.

Our industry statement outlines those treatments considered essential for the safe maintenance a golf course during potential government restrictions.

Recommended Working Practices

The primary consideration must be the health and wellbeing of sports turf management staff. All golf facilities should implement stringent measures to ensure staff members are not at risk.

Based on facility requirements, these working principles should include (but are not limited to):

  • Consider split shifts for turf management staff to help ensure continuity should self-isolation among turf maintenance staff be required.
  • Sanitise all multi touch points on all equipment and after use.
  • Place appropriate signage and hand sanitisers around the maintenance facility and maintenance areas.
  • Meal breaks
    • Remove shared food and drink items in lunchrooms and maintenance sheds.
    • Where large staff levels exist, split meals break time are suggested.
    • Encourage employees to have breaks including lunch in outdoor areas where practical.
  • Encourage staff to wear gloves when using equipment and removing course furnishings.
  • Make sure all staff are wearing masks while traveling/working in within 1.5m of a fellow team member.
  • If you have any flu like symptoms, please do not come to work and arrange to get tested.”