Recent photos from Teven Valley Golf Club have really shown off the versatility of Sir Grange Zoysia when it comes to mowing heights.

Sir Grange has been laid right up to the bunker edge with the fairway mown short and the collars left longer. This creates a stunning visual effect that is simple to maintain. Thanks to it being one variety of grass you don’t have to worry about invasion or using different chemicals for the fairways and collars. We have also seen this effect well used at Killara Golf Club in Sydney.

The team at Lawn Solutions Australia have taken this one step further with trials of Sir Grange on the wall of bunkers. Sir Grange is an excellent choice for a surface for bunker surrounds and bunker tongues. It prevents erosion on steep bunker faces, looks fantastic and can greatly reduce your maintenance in these areas.

Sir Grange can be left unmown or be mown every few months around bunkers and needs little to no fertilisation when left longer. Due to its versatility with cutting heights, Sir Grange can provide fantastic colour contrast around bunkers simply by altering mowing heights.

Further to this, the stiff nature of zoysia grass leaves provides good playability and promotes a great ball lie when playing of bunker surrounds.

So if you want to create playable textures with one easy to maintain variety of grass, speak to one of the courses already using Sir Grange zoysia.