The GCSAQ thanks Golf Australia for assisting us with the delivery of the below information for sharing to our members:

Posted 22 November 2021:

Volunteers and staff are to be treated the same under mandatory vaccination directions and are collectively referred to as workers.

At this point, the Queensland Government has advised that from the 17th of December, all hospitality workers will be required to be fully vaccinated in order to attend work. We are seeking clarity if a similar requirement will apply to grounds, retail, coaching and office workers. With this in mind, clubs and facilities should now take steps to implement mandatory vaccination policies for their workers.

A policy template developed by Clubs Queensland and Clubs Australia is available by clicking here.

Clubs and facilities should take the following steps in terms of implementing the mandatory vaccination policy:

  • determine how this will be communicated (i.e. letter, online staff portal, meeting);
  • advise workers that the club/facility will be implementing a mandatory vaccination policy, informed by the government’s mandate. A copy of the policy should be provided.
  • advise staff:
    • that they may provide feedback about the policy, up to a date determined appropriate by the club/facility (i.e. may be a few days);
    • about what the policy means for them (i.e. use wording from the policy about the requirement to be vaccinated); and
    • about how evidence of vaccination can be provided;
  • address the issue of exemptions with appropriate staff (i.e. using wording from the policy); and
  • address the issue of non-compliance with the policy (i.e. using wording from the policy).

As a means of best practice, clubs and facilities should provide staff with a Privacy Collection Notice and advise staff that a refusal to confirm vaccination status will be treated in accordance with the Mandatory Vaccination Policy, which may lead to disciplinary action.