Does your course have some problem areas that you are struggling to find solutions for? A teebox or maybe greens surround that gets too much shade? It might even be a whole fairway that struggles.

Sir Grange zoysia with its high shade tolerance, low input requirements as well as wear and drought tolerance might be the perfect solution. Why not contact Jimboomba Turf Group and arrange for a Sir Grange zoysia trial for your problem areas? Jimboomba Turf has already delivered many truckloads to Sydney courses to with multiple Sir Grange trials now underway there.

If you get the trial in now it will still have plenty of time to grow in through the summer and you can evaluate the trial over the coming winter. That way come spring 2020 you might have the permanent solution to some of your recurring on course problems.

To learn more about this either email or call (07 3273 1166) Lynn Davidson at Jimboomba Turf.