For those courses looking to overseed any greens with Poa Trivialis this winter, GCSAQ Gold Sponsor Nuturf have plenty of fresh new crop seed, ready and available.

Nuturf Striker One Putt Poa Trivialis tolerates an extremely low height of cut due to its prostrate growth habit. This leads to fewer clippings, a neater appearance and less work for you. Striker One Putt will germinate quickly and can be cut immediately after overseeding. With medium dark green, excellent turf quality, density and fine leaf makes it a natural choice for winter overseeding.

This year Striker One Putt comes enhanced with AgriCOTE Protect. AgriCOTE is designed to enhance seedling establishment by delivering improved early seedling vigour and root development, through the inclusion of growth promotants and fungicide protection.

For fresh new stock, call your Nuturf representative for the best price.