On one of Sydney’s most prestigious courses, Killara Golf Club, course superintendent Ryan Fury was having issues with a few heavily shaded tees and surrounds.
Shade and high wear resulted in poor grass cover, especially in winter, and multiple efforts with several varieties of turf failed.
Turf consultant John Neylan prepared a report for Killara Golf Course in February 2016, in which he recommended new zoysia grass varieties.
Further research at the AGSCA National golf conference led Ryan to Sir Grange zoysia, and after confirming its potential with Ken Magnum Sir Grange was chosen to trial in the courses trouble spots.
After consulting with Lawn Solutions Australia’s Simon Adderman it was decided that 4 trial areas would be set up with Sir Grange; a tee box that gets almost 100% shade in winter, a green surround near the clubhouse, a fairway section and a couch tee section.
Over the course of a year, these areas saw all manner of conditions, and in each position, Sir Grange thrived where other grasses had failed. It was the success of these trials that saw the club’s board along with course architect Harley Kruse select Sir Grange for green surrounds and approaches, tees and other areas in their 2018/19 renovation.
The task to supply Sir Grange came to Jimboomba Turf Group in Brisbane, who thanks to superior growing conditions had the greatest capacity to supply a job of this scale at the time. With some serious investment in cold-chain management and the combination of excellent logistical management and talented inhouse transport team, the supply ran perfectly despite the challenge of distance.
In total over 55,000m² of Sir Grange went into Killara over several months, and with the last deliveries now well established the course has reopened to the delight of members.
The course not only looks fantastic, but Sir Grange gives players a completely new standard of playing surface far superior to what Killara members had ever experienced before.