Options have been few and far between for the golf industry when it comes to grass varieties.

Golf courses have traditionally relied heavily on couch grass for tee tops and fairways. While couch grass stands up to the wear okay, the slightest shade on an area can cause lots of headaches for course superintendents. The introduction of Sir Grange turfed courses to the Australian turf market could see those headaches disappear.

Sir Grange is a zoysia matrella grass that combines a fine leaf blade with high shade tolerance, requires low inputs and is wear tolerant and drought tolerant.

What separates Sir Grange from the other grass types is its density and leaf structure. Approximately twice as dense as couch grass, Sir Grange has roughly twice as many plants in any given area. Its blades sit upright giving a superior ball lie allowing for better contact for golfers and less divot maintenance for golf course superintendents. This density also makes it much more difficult for weeds to invade.

Originally developed for the American golf market under the brand Zeon zoysia, Sir Grange was hand selected from 10,000 different cultivars growing to become the #1 selling zoysia grass in the USA. After conquering the Rio Olympic golf course and Tiger Woods Bluejack National course it soon found success across Asia. Lawn Solutions Australia has now worked with Team Zoysia to bring it to the Australian market exclusively through their network of Australia’s best turf grass breeders including Jimboomba Turf Group.

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